KITESURFING.LT team has chosen kiteboarding because it was their dream since childhood. The company’s founder admired Sea and Waves from 4 years. As a child, looking to the Waves he realized that one day will fly together with seaguls and will merge with natural disasters. In the event of kitesurfing s dream became a reality.

Kitesurfing in the Sea, when strong wind is blowing, waves are dreadful and the sky is dark is most enjoyable entertainment and most suitable life style. We don’t like the crowds of people, that’s why we prefer kiting alone. KITESURFING.LT team likes it hard; if there is a need we can put our life on the line.

Our team is strongly addicted to this amazing life style and there is no way to understand people who has the abilities to role in the action still sit and wait for something.

KITESURFING.LT team met a lot of people who names themselfs kiteboarders – kitesurfers. Without any exception 90% of all kitesurfers are only chasing the mode.  Moreover, majority of dealers somehow caught the thread of good money, and the spirit of kitesurfing fits for them only up to the moment when the money comes only from buying and selling. And in the good times they speak that kitesurfing is their way of life etc. When the money stops falling from the sky they suddenly start selling some doughnuts, soup or anything giving more money. Second group of people cover their imperfections with the, seems to be, easy and free life style of kitesurfer. Comedy.

KITESURFING.LT team are with high education, though being International kiteboarding instrucotrs, we are able to give to the point information, thoroughly and clearly deliver lectures in lithuanian, russian, german, english languages.

  • Taking into account the devotion of KITESURFING.LT team instructors, we can assure You that during lectures nobody will feel any discomfort. All the lectures will be interesting, telling never to give up and go to Your desired aim. After having finished the courses sincerelly and with smile KITESURFING.LT will help to choose right equipment for every person.

  • Are You ready to fly?!!

  • KITESURFING.LT aim was to gather all the kitesurfers into one community. But better to have more or less normal community. Let’s connect to us and You will feel better.

  • Kitesurfing is very new water sport. If You are with us please be kind and know that our life style is to help each other if there is a need, to protect each other, to share with each other.

  • If You will start disrespect us we will start disrespect You back.

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