Name : G-Force Cross
Suitable: Kitesurfing / Snowboarding / Landboarding
Sizes: Medium(8.5) / Large(11.5)
Color: Black & Red / Green & White
Comes Complete: Kite, Bar, Bag, Pump, Repair kit
G-force Cross is a delta C-kite, born out of necessity for a higher re-launch ability in low winds, much faster turning ability and upwind performance. It has tons of depower and power when you need it. It still cuts through the air like a knife with massive hang time on demand.
With a touch of delta crossover kite in the wingtips to help improve relaunch performance and further enhance low end power .
We only have two size of this kite,technically 8.5M & 11.5M ,but in practice 8.5m covers the range that other kite designs must use both an 7m AND an 10m to handle. 11.5m covers the range that other kite designs must use both an 10m AND an 12m to handle.And now when you are at the airport you can actually carry your gear.

– The best construction with high quality materials
– Flexible one pump system. We’ve developed a new mould for the one pump system to make it closer to the canopy allowing for more cost-efficient servicing.
– Untwist design LE panels.
– New “MRK” Eva reinforcement, which is a unique material reinforcement that makes the kite much stronger and looks great.
– Easy launch ability in lower wind
– No complicated bridles.
– 3 adjustable turning speeds




Kaina: 1,800.00 € 1,600.00 €

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