Name: KongKong Training before kitesurfing

Sizes: 2 / 3

Color: Black & Red / Red & White / White & Black
Comes Complete: Kite, Bar, Bag

The Kongkong trainer kite offers the flyer the perfect start into the world of kiting . This is a two line version of the kite which is flown with strap handles or bar. Kongkong will always serve as a perfect start into power kiting or kitesurfing.

Kongkong is an open cell foil kite designed with ease of use and enjoyment in mind. It is a very stable kite with smooth and easy control characteristics, making it easy to fly, delivering performance and most of all it is lots of fun.

Kongkong has been built to the same exacting standards as our other range of technical Power kites using the same materials and construction techniques. It has incredible stability, direct handling and flies perfectly in light or strong winds with a wide wind window.

The trainer kite is the perfect kite for beginners to learn how to control the bar, before kitesurfing.


Sail:Rip-stop Nylon

Bridle:130kgs Dyneema with cover

Flying lines:130kgs Dyneema(20m×2)




Kaina: 110.00 €

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