Name: Ghost
Suitable: Kitesurfing / Snowboarding / Landboarding
Sizes 7 / 9 / 11 / 13
Color: Blue & White & Black
Complete Package: Kite, Bar, Bag, Pump, Repair Kit

The Ghost excels in the all style, while not punishing errors; easy and forgiving while performing to the max. The kite comes from a very precise balance of all its components. The result is an incredible performace in all disciplines : Waves / Freeride / Freestyle.

The Kite ratio has been optimised and the leading edge diameter decreased allowing better upwind ability. The 3 struts design provides stability and simplicity.

The Ghost is easy to handle and its flying becomes much more direct due to its bridle system.

With more and more riders going unhooked for raileys, surface handle passes and kiteloops, we built in what’s needed: increased stability, increased pop

The shape allows immediate relaunch and gives you the opportunity of trying out new tricks. You will never miss the next wave.

-3 struts design: better stability, faster, lighter-weight and powerful.

-New tips shape for easy and quick relaunch.

-Top quality Teijin material to make kite much stronger.

-Single pump system :extremely simple and effective.

-Huge wind range.

-Untwist design LE panel.

-Fast and direct feeling.

-Unbeatable windrange and depower.

-Mass pop and Awesome unhooked performance.

Kaina: 800.00 €

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