Name: YETI
Suitable: Snowboarding / Landboarding / Buggying
Sizes: 7.5 / 10 / 12
Color: Yellow & Blue / White & Red / White & Blue
Comes Complete: Kite, Bar, Bag, Repair kit

The YETI snowkite is designed to grunt power and good handling in light winds with increased pop in low wind conditions. This level of exceptionally user-friendly stability means all kiters will be able to enjoy its performances.

Landboarders and snowkiters will appreciate the power range, the turn ability and the incredible pop and gliding performances.

With more and more riders going unhooked for raileys, surface handle passes and kiteloops, we built in what’s needed: increased stability, increased pop and an increased turn speed, all when unhooked. YETI has been made for a fantastic new style of kite flying.

The profile with a high performance arc creates a fast kite. By integrating profile technologies from aerodynamic research, the bridles have been minimized by removing the D lines, this helps reduce drag and increases performance and speed.

A sophisticated braking system, a semi-closed leading edge and a high aspect ratio combine to help the kite deliver smooth power both across the window and through the turn. This is a highly efficient and clean wing designed for ultimate performance.

– No D lines

– Diagonals ribs to have a solid structure and insane perfomances.

– Depower with pulley system . This configuration lets the kite power switch on and off in an instant, giving you controlled power through the turn.

– Closed cells in the tips to maintain high pressure within the kite at all times, and to create a very clean foil.

– The best attachment reinforcement and pulley in the market, for a stronger kite.

Kaina: 750.00 €

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