Name: ZOOM
Suitable: Kitesurfing / Snowboarding / Landboarding
Sizes: 7 / 9 / 12 / 15
Color: White & Black / Red & Black
Comes Complete: Kite, Bar, Bag, Pump, Repair kit

This kite is born to be more easy, more fast, and have more pop. The Zoom is easy to handle to let you express yourself. It is the perfect weapon for the new-school freestyle. The Zoom is really great in the Un-hock and the wake style.

Of course the kite is very stable and re-launches really well. If you free the bar, it lies down on the tip, waiting for you to re-launch it.

With 6 struts Zoom is a light kite, stable. We decide to make it with a straight design to have more pop and to be more rigid.

The straight tips for give you a c-shape feedback is and there is no gap in the kite rotation. The bar feeling is direct and gives accurate kite control.

You will appreciate the power range, the turn ability and the incredible pop.

The high performance profile, and the new foam creates a very fast kite. We reduced drag and increased performance and speed.

Zoom is the new kite to progress till the best level. It always delivers predictable and controlled power.

Of course you can use the Zoom in freeriding or waveriding. Specially if you meet some good waves. The great the turn abilities and the massive depower will help you to surf the wave.

– The best, construction and pulley in the market.

– 6 Struts for a perfect balance between performance and light weight abilities

– Optimised Aspect Ratio to have a better pop.

– Reinforced leading edge and flat sewing canopy with additional layers of adhesive strap for a no limit kite.

– Single inflation point for rapidity and simplicity.

– Untwist design LE panels.

– Straight shape and aerodynamic profile for higher performance in High wind.

– New aerodynamic foam


Kaina: 700.00 €

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